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[Wojnarowski] Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum has agreed to a three-year, $100 million contract extension --- extending his current deal to five years and $157 million, his agent, Sam Goldfeder of Excel Sports, tells ESPN.
据NBA记者Adrian Wojnarowski报道,消息人士透露,后卫CJ-麦科勒姆同意与开拓者完成3年1亿美元的提前续约,将现有条约延伸为5年1.57亿美元,新条约将在2024年夏天到期。麦科勒姆在2016年夏天以4年1.07亿与开拓者提前续约,2017年夏天生效,2021年夏天到期,原有条约中,剩下的2019-20赛季薪资为2756万美元,2020-21赛季薪资为2935万美元。

Yes! I want CJ and Dame to both retire Blazers棒!希望CJ和利拉德能一起在开拓者退役。
[-]twistedlogicxIn an era of both players and teams sta****g each other all over the place and only looking out for their own self-interests, the Blazers backcourt has been a complete model of loyalty. It's why Dame's my favorite player and I'm so glad that they get to keep running it back with this squad.They got to the conference finals last year without Nurkic and I think they're a legitimate contender that everyone is sleeping on for next season.在这个球员和球队相互捅刀子,各自只在乎自己利益的时代,开拓者的后场双枪为我们树立了一个忠诚的范例。所以利拉德是我最喜欢的球员,很兴奋他们两个还能继续携手征战。上个赛季他们在失去了努尔基奇的情况下打到了分区决赛,我相信他们是被大家忽视的下赛季总冠军的有力竞争者。
[-]_Quetzalcoatlus_I think it's more than loyalty. Lillard has explained that he's not going to be blindly "loyal" to a team because they drafted him.It's more that he and the organization have built up mutual trust and confidence that they can succeed together. He's said that he's personally invested in the team and the community. CJ hasn't said it as directly, but he has implied similar things.Which is great to hear, because I think that is more meaningful and a better foundation to build off of. It's a mutual earned loyalty.不仅仅是忠诚,利拉德说过他不会因为一只球队选中了他就对他们盲目的忠诚。更多的是他和球队建设起来的相互信任以及他们对于能够在一起取得乐成的自信心。利拉德说过他全身心地为球队和社区投入。麦科勒姆没有像他一样直接,但也有过类似地表示。很兴奋听到这些,因为我认为这很是有意义,同时也是一个很好的球队建设的基础。忠诚是需要从双方身上相互赢得的。
[-]MSmejkalDame has also talked about the team being blown up back when LA left for SA. He remembered guys like Ro**** and Wes being moved and having to uproot his family all because of a few decisions these people had no say in. He has indicated that any move he would make would affect many more people around him, from team mates to FO to coaching to even the general staff around the team. He plans to stay as long as the team actively works with him to improve and he is always looking out for others. Dame is a legit good dude. Never thought I'd love a blazer more than Roy, thank God for Dame. Makes me proud to be a Blazer.利拉德也曾经提到过当年阿尔德里奇加盟马刺后开拓者的分崩离析。他记恰当时罗宾-洛佩斯和韦斯利-马修斯决议出走,而因为他们的决议,球队遭受了连根拔起的攻击。他指出自己的每一个决议都市影响身边许多人,从队友到事情人员到教练,甚至是治理层。他计划只要球队仍以他为建设和前进的中心,他就会一直留在开拓者,同时他在找其他的辅佐。利拉德真是一个不折不扣的好人。从没想过我对一名开拓者球员的喜爱会胜过布兰登-罗伊,谢谢上帝为我们带来了利拉德,让我为成为开拓者大家族的一员而自满。
[-]twistedlogicxYeah exactly, that's what makes it admirable. It's reciprocated and mutual between both parties, which is rare in this day and age. There was probably nobody more loyal than DeMar DeRozan in the league but the Raptors knew they could get better and moved on in a heartbeat when the chance came up. But Dame and CJ have that trust and it goes both ways. It's nice to know that a core as talented as that is going to stick together in this era where everything else in the league seems to shift non-stop.是的,这让人对他心生佩服。这是球队和球员之间的相互尊重,这在如今的年月已经很少见了。同盟里预计没有谁比德马尔-德罗赞更忠诚了吧,但当猛龙发现他们有时机获得更好的球员时,他们很轻易就做出了生意业务的决议。但利拉德和麦科勒姆拥有信任,而且是双方的。很兴奋能瞥见这样充满天赋的焦点球员没有选择出走,在这样一个同盟一直在变化的时代。
[-]CursedLlamaAnd I think the Blazers have probably had many conversations with teams about CJ McCollum and the prospect of trading him for a DeRozan-type deal (although not Kawhi level, probably). Even if we never find out what was offered, it's nice to know that they value him highly enough that we haven't traded anyone yet.我猜开拓者肯定和别队商讨过有关麦科勒姆的,类似于德罗赞去马刺类型的生意业务(固然可能生意业务工具没有到达伦纳德的品级)。只管我们没有得知详细的报价,但很兴奋开拓者如此看重他,以至于至今都没有发生生意业务。
[-]kunallanukI mean, even as you stated they probably haven’t had the chance to trade for a kawhi level talentIf they got an offer to trade CJ for bron or AD he’s gone. You can’t really blame the raps你也说了他们可能没有时机商讨获得伦纳德级此外球员。如果他们收到了关于麦科勒姆生意业务勒布朗或者安东尼-戴维斯的生意业务报价,那他肯定已经被生意业务走了。在德罗赞的问题上,你不能责怪猛龙队。

Cj really shines in the playoffs. His scoring creation becomes invaluable. I like the extension麦科勒姆在季后赛的体现实在亮眼。他的得分缔造力价值千金,我喜欢这笔续约。
[-]Forbidden_Donut503No way we get past Denver without him. He was unreal in that series.没有他我们无法战胜掘金,他在那轮系列赛里的体现太不行思议。(注:2018-19赛季季后赛第二轮,开拓者4-3淘汰掘金,麦科勒姆场均出战42.0分钟,能获得26.4分6.0篮板3.0助攻,投篮掷中率45.5%,三分掷中率37.5%。)
[-]Propuhganduh(掘金球迷)Seemed like he wouldn’t miss a damn shot honestly. Had me frustrated as hell.真的,看起来他似乎每个球都能进。看得我贼绝望。
[-]PropuhganduhIt really was a great series. I’d do it again.这真是很精彩的一轮系列赛,我愿意再回首一遍。
[-]Frosti11icusYa his game is built for the playoffs. Unless you're on the Warriors you don't just get wide open looks in the playoffs, you have to create and take an opening wherever it presents itself which is often in the midrange and CJ is one of the best in the league from there, while also being a good finisher and good on the perimeter.对,他就是为季后赛而生的。除非你在勇士,否则在季后赛里你很难过到空位时机,你必须自己去缔造,且抓住每一个泛起的空位时机。这些时机经常泛起在中距离,麦科勒姆是同盟里最好的中距离投手之一,同时也是精彩的终结者和三分投手。
[-]spreespruuI dunno man. My heart stopped everytime he chucked a three in those last few minutes with the Warriors last season. I really wanted them to beat GSW.我不认同楼上的说法,上赛季在和勇士的系列赛里,每次最后时刻他的三分打铁都市让我懊恼不已。我真的希望他们能打败勇士。
[-]BackloggedBonesGuys with an offensive game that versatile are pretty impossible to shut down barring a naturally poor shooting night. Chase him off the perimeter he is money anywhere from 10ft to the 3pt line. Any point along the way he can dump the ball to the perimeter to take advantage of the Blazer's wings.像他这样拥有如此全面得分能力的球员很难被限制住,除了那些无可制止的哑火场次。如果欺压他突破内线的话,篮筐10英尺到三分线的规模内都是他的射程,而且他在突破历程中他还能够将球回给到弧顶,让开拓者的侧翼射手从中受益。

For everyone saying 5yr/157M is too much, I completely disagree. That's less than the Lowry contract, Millsap contract, Tobias Harris contract, Jamal Murray contract, etc.... He's basically getting the same as Khris Middleton, Mike Conley, and Kevin Love.If CJ played in the East, he'd have 1-3 all-star appearances. It's just that he has played in the West with guards like Curry, Westbrook, Kobe, Klay, Harden, Cp3, and Lillard.Players like Jaylen Brown, Buddy Hield, and Pascal Siakam are all about to get 25M-30M deals.Win-win deal.大家都说5年1.57亿美元的条约太大了,我完全差别意。这比凯尔-洛瑞、保罗-米尔萨普、托拜厄斯-哈里斯和贾马尔-默里等人的条约都要小……他的条约和克里斯-米德尔顿、迈克-康利以及凯文-乐福的差不多大。如果麦科勒姆在东部打球,他可能已经入选1次到3次全明星了。他在西部可是和库里、威斯布鲁克、科比、汤普森、哈登、保罗及利拉德这样的后卫竞争。像杰伦-布朗、巴迪-希尔德和帕斯卡尔-西亚卡姆这样的球员也会拿到一年或许2500万-3000万美元的条约。所以说这是一个双赢的条约。
[-]-Carbon-People seem to forget that CJ bailed dame out a lot in the second round vs the nuggets, including CJs monster game 7 performance where he was **** all night from mid range. Dude is so underrated its crazy大家似乎忘了对阵掘金的系列赛里,麦科勒姆数次资助利拉德分管重任,包罗他在第七场里怪兽般的体现,他的中距离手感保持了整场角逐。他真的太被低估了。(注:2019年5月13日开拓者对阵掘金的系列赛第七场,麦科勒姆出战45分钟,29投17中获得37分9篮板。)
[-]PenguinCowboyWatching him that series sneaking into the key and dropping floaters and mid-range jumpers was crazy. His handles were absolutely insane. So happy about this!!他在那轮系列赛逐渐成为开拓者最重要的取胜之匙,投进种种抛投和中距离跳投,真是太疯狂了。他的控球简直了,很兴奋看到他续约的消息!
[-]citrus_slingerCJ has some of the best handles in the league, up there with Kyrie, but nobody seems to know this fact.麦科勒姆是同盟里顶尖的控球手之一,可以到达凯里-欧文的水平,但大家似乎都忽略了这一事实。
[-]TheGourmet9A lot of that was CJ's conditioning is insane. Probably the best in the league when you factor in minutes and distance travelled per game. Dame was completely gassed after the 4 OT game. Both teams stars were gassed in those OT's and pretty much all of game 7 except for McCollum. He even kept moving off the ball constantly.不得不说麦科勒姆的身体调整能力惊人。当你思量场均出战时间和场均跑动距离等因素后,他甚至是这一点上同盟第一的水平。还记得那场四加时的角逐(开拓者掘金系列赛第三场)让利拉德精疲力竭。那场角逐让两队的主力球员都极端疲劳,到了第七场险些所有的球员都不行了,除了麦科勒姆。他甚至还能连续地无球跑动。
[-]fungalityYep. He says it himself here here. After 60 minutes he’s still not tired. “It’s what I’m built for.”是的,在次轮G3的四加时大战的赛后采访里,打了60分钟他还没有疲惫,并说道:“我生来就是为了这样的角逐。”
[-]zhutsLowkey I think CJ's late season injury helped, he got an extra 2 weeks off at the end of the season to recharge for the playoffs我有点以为麦科勒姆上赛季尾声阶段的伤病帮了忙,赛季末他获得了分外两周的休息时间,让他得以在季后赛前做足准备。
[-]EmmettRapaportNBAThis.Dame was the best Blazer in the OKC series.CJ was the best Blazer in the Denver series.我的看法:利拉德是对阵雷霆的系列赛中最好的球员。麦科勒姆是对阵掘金的系列赛中最好的球员。
[-]MontigueMeyers was the best Blazer in the GS series迈耶斯-伦纳德是对阵勇士系列赛中最好的球员。
[-]TheChipiboyAminu was the best warrior in the GS series阿米努是对阵勇士的系列赛中最好的勇士
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